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Thanks to Cotswold Energy Group we are pleased to say our whole holiday complex, apartments and farm house now runs on renewable energy. 
Our farm house, 15 holiday apartments and complex heating is supplied by ground-source heat pumps.  
The ground remains at a constant temperature all year round at around 50ºF and the heat pumps pick up and compress that heat, amplifying it and piping it into the accommodation. In addition this also heats up a very large tank of hot water in our plant room which supplies all our properties constant hot water. 
What was called the ‘old paddock’ many trenches where dug to lay the piping. 
We also have air-source heat pumps which are able to extract heat from the air, this is used to heat our swimming pool all year round and also helps towards the heating and hot water. 
The advantage of heat pumps is the availability of a constantly renewing energy source without recourse to conventional fuels. 
We also use high efficiency LED lighting throughout our complex which yields much more light, and of which is more natural for a given unit of electricity than conventional bulbs. 
We have a recycling area on site. Through all our building projects reuse and buy second hand where we can. 
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